Cranleigh 1000 Club

In partnership with Cranleigh Heritage Trust, who have similar aims to our own but in relation to the original Cranleigh Cottage Hospital building, and Cranleigh Arts,  the Cranleigh 1000 Club has been established.


Members of the 1000 club join for £5 per month per entry. Half of each £5 entry goes into the prize fund with the remaining half split between the three charities. The winning entry is drawn monthly. Where possible, this will be held at a public village event.


To join in and have your chance of winning follow these simple steps:

The first draw has changed and will take place on 29th June 2024 during the Cranleigh Carnival and has a guaranteed prize of £100. You do not need to attend the carnival to win, but must join the club at least a few days before.

For more information about the Cranleigh 1000 Club, please email:

Further details can also be found on the club social media pages: