Our Trustees

1170 is governed by a formal constitution registered with the UK’s Charity Commission and managed by a small number of local trustees. To support close working with the Church, a small number of trustees may be nominated by the Church council, but more than half of the trustees are selected from the local community to bring a wide range of skills and experience.

Jane O’Leary

Jane was born in Guildford and after a long time moving round the country settled back in the Cranleigh area in 2000 when she started Oakwood Business Consultants, primarily an accountancy practice.

Jane is a lay preacher for the Methodist church and is involved in various other activities in the village including the Rotary Club, Christian Aid, Fairtrade and the Liontamers! Jane is part of the Cranleigh in Bloom organisation keeping the flower beds in the village High Street colourful all year round. The organisation is not only for the beautifying of the village, it has a legacy and a heritage to ensure that everyone can enjoy Cranleigh and its surroundings and this includes the Church.

Jane is passionate about history, heritage and the need to preserve buildings and traditions that benefit the village population and provide a familiar and comfortable feeling of belonging. When an old building is demolished, it also demolishes the history and heritage of a place. St Nicolas must be maintained to always be there for future generations to enjoy, respect and benefit- in their body, mind and spirit.

John Woodford

John is well known to many in Cranleigh running Woodford Family Funeral Services along with his wife Gail. John and Gail have lived in Guildford and Cranleigh for many years, indeed, Cranleigh is where they first met. Outside of work, John is an active member of the community and is a member of several local groups and a keen cricketer.

Martin Reader

I have been Headmaster of Cranleigh School since September 2014. Together Cranleigh School and Cranleigh Preparatory School have over 1000 students from the ages of 7-18 and employ over 400 staff, making Cranleigh School the largest employer in the village. Nearly all of our staff live in the village and involved in activities within it. The Schools have over 500 boarders making Headship a vibrant 24/7 life. In September 2014, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi was opened and this has won several international awards.

Cranleigh School was founded in 1865 to provide an education for local farmers and was the inspiration of the Rector of St Nicolas and one of the great figures in Cranleigh’s history, Reverend John Henry Sapte. The School therefore owes its existence to a relationship with St Nicolas and the community of Cranleigh and I was eager to support a charity that wanted to preserve both an historic building and support its work within the community. When I discovered that one of the major fundraising activities was to be a folk music festival with a particular focus on developing young, local talent, it struck an educator’s chord (forgive the pun)!

Whilst I moved to Cranleigh School as Head in 2014, my family lived here between 2002 and 2006, in Orchard Gardens, when I was Deputy Head at Reigate Grammar School. Why live in Reigate when you can live in beautiful Cranleigh? My wife Amanda spent her teenage years in Wonersh and we were married in Wonersh Church. Our children both went to Pathway Nursery and my daughter went to Park Mead for two years. We were members of Cranleigh Baptist Church and were very happy to reconnect with our church family when we moved back. Amanda teaches in the Sunday School and I occasionally preach.

Howard Cherry

Howard and his family moved to Cranleigh in July 1985 and attended Cranleigh Prep and Cranleigh schools. He become a member of St Nicolas Church form the beginning and eventually helped his late father with finance matters and has been a member of the Church Council.

He still lives locally and works for one of the leading not for profit UK healthcare organisations (in IT). In 2015, concerned by rising maintenance costs and a large back log of remedial work on the Church, Howard started the discussions which ultimately led to the formation of 1170.

“Whether you regularly attend one of Cranleigh’s churches or not, St Nicolas is at the heart of the village and is an important part of Cranleigh life. Not only does it have important architectural features worth protecting and preserving, this beautiful building has been at the centre of the village community for nearly 850 years. The Church has played its part in countless lives across all sorts of events in that time, but it now needs our support to ensure it is protected for the future and can continue to serve everyone in the village.”

Sue Knight

An” incomer “to Cranleigh I have now lived here for 17 years, during which time I have come to know better and love the community. I am probably known as the Traidcraft, Fairtrade Lady and have been selling Traidcraft goods for over 22 years now. I have enjoyed worshiping in the heritage Church of St Nicolas but whilst appreciating its ancient history I believe that the church building should be the centre of the whole community and should be fit for purpose for the modern day.

I became interested to become involved with 1170 when I heard of the innovative ideas being proposed to raise the money for the church building’s preservation. I am pleased to be able to take on the role of a Trustee as the representative of and link to the Church Council.

I look forward to promoting 1170 amongst the wide community.

Derek Trawber

I have lived in Cranleigh for nearly 30 years and I am currently the School Business Manager at Cranleigh C of E Primary School.  In my previous career, I worked for Guildford Borough Council for 30 years.  I have been a member of Cranleigh and District Lions Club for 12 years.  During my time with the club, I have held the positions of President and Treasurer, and I am currently Chair of the Carnival Committee.  I have also been a member of the Cranleigh Community Choir for 15 years; something I greatly enjoy, especially our summer and Christmas concerts at Cranleigh Arts Centre.  I am very proud to have been invited to be a trustee of 1170.  I hope my experience will be of benefit to the charity and all those working to preserve the buildings and grounds of St Nicolas Church for the benefit of the local community.

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