The Charity

1170 is an independent registered charity, who’s focus is the preservation of St Nicolas Church in Cranleigh – founded in 1170. The charity’s formation is a result of a vision that the heritage embedded in St Nicolas’ Church building is not the exclusive preserve of the Church community but rather an asset that is used and enjoyed by the whole village, schools, history groups, tourists in the UK and overseas as well as people making journeys of pilgrimage exploring their ancestral roots.

Community Based

It is this community role the Church building serves and makes available to all that 1170 intends to develop further through the introduction of events that are both entertaining and educational. The intention being that all age groups will develop musical skills through the opportunity for participation but with a focus on those still honing their skills in such as schools and colleges with encouragement from those talented individuals sharing what they have achieved. This desire to support individual development is an important focus for 1170.


1170 has been formed as an independent charity which reflects its view that St Nicolas Church is a community asset that exists for the benefit of all. It is important that 1170 can represent all those that it engages with whether they attend the church regularly or not. Independence allows the charity to focus on its heritage objectives and ensure that donations are spent preserving the church for the whole community.

1170 whilst not engaging directly in practical work on St Nicolas Church – that is the domain of the Church Council. It will however operate as a grant making charity which will consider funding requests from the Church council which help maintain and protect the church for future generations. The 1170 constitution clearly states what activities may be funded.

Number of Trustees

1170 is governed by a formal constitution registered with the UK’s Charity Commission and managed by a small number of local trustees. To support close working with the Church, a small number of trustees may be nominated by the Church council, but more than half of the trustees are selected from the local community to bring a wide range of skills and experience.

Heritage Focussed

Over the centuries, patronage in all its guises has sustained the fabric of the building so that the important stages of an individual’s life and family occasions can be celebrated in an environment that creates a real sense of occasion. This also extends to village events whether civic or celebratory in a space that can welcome a large audience.

Ownership by the village as a whole has hitherto being through annual appeals by the Church itself. 1170 is offering to complement that load by supporting and sustaining the heritage enshrined in St Nicolas Church building through a significant festival of folk and akin music alongside workshop opportunities for those aspiring to improve their competence.

Our Objectives

As an charity, we are required to have clear objectives. Ours is to “facilitate and support the care and preservation of the building and grounds of the Parish Church of St Nicolas”. To do this, we will :

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    Make one off grants to St Nicolas Church towards the cost of heritage work.

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    Promote new and exciting community events such as the Cranleigh Folk Festival.

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    Develop sustainability to protect St Nicolas Church for the future.

More about our challenge

“Our church has been an integral part of the village community since Norman times. It is the oldest standing building we have and has witnessed life through good times and bad. Apart from its importance as a spiritual centre it has been, and still is, the place where we have been baptised, married, and buried. All this history has been recorded for us in the parish registers which date back to 1566 and now provide a valuable resource for both local and family historians.”

Michael Miller, Local Historian

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